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II. Hướng dẫn Unit 2: What’s your name?

Welcome to Unit 2: "What's Your Name?" in our Grade 3 English Language Learning program. This unit is designed to help students enhance their basic English skills through a variety of engaging and educational activities. Each section is carefully crafted to support the development of phonics, vocabulary, sentence construction, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Here’s what students will explore in this unit:

A. Phonics and Vocabulary

  • Complete and Say Aloud: Students will fill in missing letters to complete words, then practice their pronunciation by saying them aloud, reinforcing their phonics skills.
  • Do the Puzzle: This activity challenges students to solve a puzzle by arranging scrambled letters to form words related to the unit's theme.
  • Read and Complete: Here, students read a passage with missing words and use their vocabulary knowledge to fill in the gaps, boosting their reading comprehension.

B. Sentence Patterns

  • Read and Match: Students will read phrases and match them with appropriate responses, enhancing their understanding of conversational English.
  • Match the Sentences: This exercise helps students learn to construct sentences correctly by matching sentence fragments.
  • Put the Words in Order: Students will arrange words into the correct sentence order and practice reading them aloud, aiding both syntax and pronunciation skills.

C. Speaking

  • Read and Reply: This speaking activity involves reading and responding to simple questions or statements, encouraging conversational practice.

D. Reading

  • Read and Match: Students will read descriptions or short dialogues and match them with correct images or names, which helps in improving reading comprehension.
  • Read and Complete: Further reading practice where students fill in the missing parts of a text, enhancing their ability to understand and interpret information.

E. Writing

  • Write the Missing Letters: Focusing on spelling, students will complete words by filling in the missing letters, a crucial skill for writing proficiency.
  • Write about You: Finally, students will use the learned structures and vocabulary to write a few sentences about themselves, fostering their ability to communicate personal information in writing.

This unit is structured to make learning English enjoyable and effective, providing students with the tools they need to communicate confidently and correctly in English. We hope students find these exercises both fun and beneficial as they continue to build their language skills.

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