Tiếng anh giao tiếp, chủ để mua sắm, ở siêu thị, ở chợ
The dress was on sale yesterday-Chiếc váy đã được bán vào ngày hôm qua

A: Excuse me, but is this dress on sale?
B: The dress was on sale yesterday.
A: Are you sure? I'd be happy to pay the sale price today.
B: I'm so sorry, but rules are rules.
A: I'll just check out a few other stores.
B: I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

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Buy flowers for my wife - Mua hoa cho vợ

A: I need some flowers for my wife. It's her birthday.
B: Very well. We have some fresh red roses.
A: How much are the roses?
B: $20 per dozen.
A: That sounds like a good deal.
B: Yes, they're on sale today.
A: I'll take a dozen.
B: Splendid. Will there be anything else?
A: No, the roses will be fine.
B: I'm sure your wife will love them.

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Going to an Antique Shop - Đi đến một cửa hàng đồ cổ

A: I want to find an old music box.
B: We have a great selection. What decade are you looking for?
A: Do you have anything made in the 1920s?
B: We have six.
A: Do any of them have dancing figures?
B: Actually, two of them have dancing figures.
A: That's fantastic. I think I like this one.
B: A good choice. I prefer that one myself.
A: Is there any warranty with this?
B: Oh, no, I'm afraid not. These things are just too old to guarantee anything.
A: I understand.
B: Even if they break down, they're still works of art.

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Buy a laptop for for my daughter - Mua máy tính laptop cho con gái của tôi.

A: Can you help me pick out a gift for my daughter?
B: She might like a laptop computer.
A: That sounds like a good idea.
B: Might I suggest a Mac?
A: How much?
B: Well, a 15-inch Pro is $2,100.
A: That sounds great. I'll take it.
B: Great. How would you like to pay for it?
A: Here's my VISA.
B: Let me ring you up. Okay, sign here, please.
A: Everything I need is in this box?
B: It'll take her only a few minutes to get online.
A: Thank you for your help.
B: So long. Thank you for shopping here.

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Buying a pan - Mua xoong nồi

A: I am looking for a pan.
B: No problem. What size would you like?
A: A big one would be nice.
B: How about this one? It's our biggest 16inch in diameter.
A: I like that one, but it's too heavy.
B: Okay, try this one. It's made of aluminum.
A: This is much better. But it has an aluminum handle.
B: Here you go. Same pan, but with a state-of-the-art, heat-resistant plastic handle.
A: That's perfect. I'll take it.
B: Great. Will that be cash or charge?
A: Wait a minute. What about a lid for the pan?
B: I'm sorry. I forgot to show you the lid. It comes with the pan.

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Buy a shirt - Mua áo sơ mi

A: I like that shirt.
B: So do I.
A: How much is it?
B: I don't know. The tag is missing.
A: Ask the clerk.
B: I will.
A: Oh, look. Here's another shirt just like it.
B: Does it have a price tag?
A: Yes, it does. It's only $20.
B: That's a great price.
A: I think I'll buy both of them.
B: You'd better try them on first.

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Pants that fit - Chiếc quần vừa vặn

A: I bought you a pair of pants.
B: Thank you.
A: I hope they fit.
B: I hope you kept the receipt.
A: You think they won't fit?
B: I think I've put on some weight.
A: You think?
B: Maybe a pound or two.
A: Maybe four or five pounds?
B: My waist is bigger than it was.
A: No problem. These pants have an elastic waistband.
B: You are so smart!

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The shopping list(danh sách mua sắm)

A: What do we need to buy?
B: Let me look at our list.
A: I know that we need milk.
B: Nonfat.
A: Of course. What else?
B: We need cheese, bread, and ham.
A: What kind of cheese?
B: Swiss.
A: Of course, the cheese with holes in it.
B: I never used to buy Swiss cheese.
A: Why not?
B: I didn't want to pay for the holes.

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I'm a man, and men don't carry purses! - Tôi là đàn ông, và đàn ông không mang ví!

A: I need some pants.
B: I thought you just bought a pair.
A: I did.
B: What's wrong with them so soon?
A: The pants are fine, but the pocket has a huge hole in it.
B: You shouldn't carry your keys and pens in your pocket.
A: But that's what pockets are for.
B: You should carry them in a purse.
A: I'm a man, and men don't carry purses!
B: Well, you should buy pants with stronger pockets.
A: I would if I could find someone who makes strong pockets.
B: Try a Google search online.

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Big sale off - Giảm giá lớn

A: Did you go to the 99 Cents store?
B: Yes, I did.
A: What did you buy?
B: Well, I got a lot of good deals, as usual.
A: Like what?
B: Well, a dozen large eggs were only 99 cents.
A: That's a good deal.
B: And a one-pound tub of soft butter was the same price.
A: Another good deal.
B: But the best deal was five pounds of potatoes for 99 cents.
A: I don't know how that store makes money.
B: Neither do I, but they're doing something right.

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I need a new computer. - Tôi cần mua một máy tính mới

A: I need a new computer.
B: What's the matter with yours?
A: It's six years old.
B: That's pretty old.
A: It still works, but I'm going to give it to a charity.
B: Are you going to buy a desktop or laptop?
A: Oh, a laptop, of course.
B: A PC or a Mac?
A: I haven't decided yet.
B: More and more people are using Macs.
A: But 90 percent of the world uses PCs.
B: And that's not going to change anytime soon.

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I got ripped off. - Tôi đã bị gạt

A: I got ripped off.
B: What happened?
A: I had a car problem, so I went online.
B: Did you find a solution?
A: Yes, I did. A site I went to said they would send me the solution.
B: So, what's the problem?
A: I sent them $20 using my credit card, but they never sent me the solution.
B: What are you going to do?
A: I sent them an email asking for my money back.
B: Have you heard from them?
A: Not yet. It's been a week.
B: Well, I guess that's a $20 lesson for you.

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Do you like online shopping?

A: Do you like shopping?
B: Yes, I’m a shopaholic.
A: What do you usually shop for?
B: I usually shop for clothes. I’m a big fashion fan.
A: Where do you go shopping?
B: At some fashion boutiques in my neighborhood.
A: Are there many shops in your neighborhood?
B: Yes. My area is the city center, so I have many choices of where to shop.
A: Do you spend much money on shopping?
B: Yes and I’m usually broke at the end of the month.
A: Do you usually shop online? What items?
B: Yes, but not really often. I only buy furniture online.
A: What’s the difference between shopping online and offline?
B: Unlike shopping offline, you cannot try on the pieces of clothes or check the material when shopping online.
Bạn có thích mua sắm không?
Vâng, tôi là một người nghiện mua sắm.
Bạn thường mua sắm gì?
Tôi thường mua sắm quần áo. Tôi là một fan hâm mộ thời trang lớn.
Bạn đi mua sắm ở đâu?
Tại một số cửa hàng thời trang trong khu phố của tôi.
Có nhiều cửa hàng trong khu phố của bạn?
Đúng. Khu vực của tôi là trung tâm thành phố, vì vậy tôi có nhiều lựa chọn về nơi mua sắm.
Bạn có chi nhiều tiền cho việc mua sắm?
Có và tôi thường phá vỡ vào cuối tháng.
Bạn có thường mua sắm trực tuyến? Cái nào?
Có, nhưng không thực sự thường xuyên. Tôi chỉ mua đồ nội thất trực tuyến.
Những gì khác biệt giữa mua sắm trực tuyến và ngoại tuyến?
Không giống như mua sắm ngoại tuyến, bạn không thể thử trên các mảnh quần áo hoặc kiểm tra vật liệu khi mua sắm trực tuyến.

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