Giao tiếp tiếng anh khi đi du lịch
Visiting a travel company - Tham quan công ty du lịch

A: I need help planning my vacation.
B: Sure, where would you like to go?
A: I haven't decided where to go yet.
B: Do you enjoy warm or cold climates?
A: I am thinking that I might enjoy a tropical climate.
B: I have some brochures here that you might like to look at.
A: These look great!
B: Do you know how much you want to spend on this vacation?
A: I have about a thousand dollars to spend on this trip.
B: Well, take these brochures, and get back to me when you want to make your reservations.

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Making a Plane Reservation - Đặt chỗ máy bay

A: Could you help me make a plane reservation?
B: I would be happy to help you. Where do you plan on going?
A: I am going to go to Hawaii.
B: For that destination, you may leave from Los Angeles or Burbank Airport. Which would you prefer?
A: I think that I would rather leave from Los Angeles Airport.
B: Would you prefer a morning or afternoon departure?
A: I need to leave in the morning.
B: Fine. On your return flight, do you have a preference as to morning or afternoon?
A: I would prefer to return in the afternoon.
B: I have booked you on your flight at a great rate. Here are your tickets.

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Booking a Flight Online - Đặt vé máy bay trực tuyến

A: Have you ever booked a flight online?
B: I have booked airline tickets online many times. It has worked out great for me!
A: How do you book airline tickets online?
B: The best way is to go to a website like Travelocity or Expedia. They can help you find the best price.
A: What information do I need to provide to book a flight?
B: You need to know where you are going and when you want to travel.
A: How do I get the cheapest rate?
B: Usually you get the best price by having some flexibility in your travel time and dates.
A: Can I fly on different airlines?
B: You can choose the airline you prefer to fly with or let the website find you the best deal.

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Buying a Plane Ticket - Mua vé máy bay

A: I would like to book a flight.
B: I can help you with that. Where are you traveling to?
A: I am traveling to Singapore.
B: What date will you be traveling?
A: I want to fly on June 14th.
B: Do you want to fly out of Los Angeles International or Burbank Airport?
A: I would like to fly out of Los Angeles International Airport.
B: Would you prefer a morning or an afternoon flight?
A: I would rather fly in the morning.
B: Well, I have you booked on a flight that will fit your schedule. The tickets will arrive by mail in a few days.

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Making a Hotel Reservation - Đặt phòng khách sạn

A: I would like to make a hotel reservation.
B: What day will you be arriving?
A: I will be arriving on May 14th.
B: How long will you be staying?
A: I need the room for 3 nights.
B: How many people will be staying in the room?
A: I will be staying in the room alone.
B: Would you like a smoking or nonsmoking room?
A: We need a nonsmoking room.
B: We have booked a room for you. Please be sure to arrive before 4:00 on your check-in date.

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Luggage Limits - Giới hạn hành lý

A: I don't know how much luggage I can take on the plane with me.
B: You need to look up each individual airline online to get their restrictions.
A: I just wonder what the general rules are.
B: In the United States, if you fly economy on a domestic flight, you usually have to pay for checked baggage.
A: What about international flights?
B: On international flights, you usually have a two-bag limit with weight restrictions.
A: What about carry-on bags?
B: All airlines will allow you to bring one small carry-on that will fit under the seat. Sometimes you can also bring a purse or handbag.
A: Do you have any words of wisdom for travelers in regard to luggage?
B: Keep it light in regard to what you pack. Figure out what you absolutely need and leave the rest at home.

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Carry-on Luggage - Hành lý xách tay.

A: I haven't traveled much and need to know what I can carry in my luggage.
B: There are different considerations. You have to consider airline rules and rules for customs.
A: How do I find out about each country's Customs regulations?
B: You can go to a website for the particular country you are interested in.
A: Is there anything that I should keep in mind for all countries?
B: Do not ever lie about what you are carrying in your luggage. If you get caught, there is a major fine just for lying.
A: How about regulations for what you can carry on an airline?
B: The Internet is a good source for special regulations for particular airports and airlines.
A: I heard that I can't bring my own bottled water on the plane.
B: You can buy water at the airport once you pass luggage inspection.

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Dropping Off at the Airport - Hạ cách tại sân bay

A: Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow afternoon?
B: I would be happy to drive you to the airport. When do you need to leave?
A: For an international flight, the airline wants us to check in two hours in advance, so I need to leave my house at 2:00.
B: Do you have a lot of luggage to check in?
A: I am only carrying one large bag and a carry-on.
B: I'll bring our smaller car then. Do you know where you need to get dropped off?
A: Yes, I am flying out on Singapore Air to Sydney, so I need to be at the International Terminal.
B: Will I be able to come in with you to say goodbye?
A: Actually, with airport regulations being so strict, you should probably just drop me off at the curb.
B: That will work out fine. Just give me a call if anything changes.

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Picking Up at the Airport - Đón tại sân bay

A: Would you be able to pick me up at the airport next Sunday?
B: Sure, I would be happy to help you. What time are you arriving?
A: I will be arriving at 3:00 in the afternoon.
B: By the time you pick up your luggage, it will be around 3:30. What if I meet you outside at the curb?
A: That would be a good time to meet, but what if I am running late?
B: I can track your plane online. I can just put in the flight number and I can see if you are on time.
A: Can you make sure that you have your cell phone with you so I can call you?
B: Yes, that would be good idea.
A: If something happens and you can't make it, just let me know and I'll book a Super Shuttle.
B: Don't worry. I'll be able to pick you up.

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Going through the Customs - Đi qua hải quan

A: Could you tell me how to get my bags?
B: Just go straight ahead, down the escalator, and there will be signs directing you.
A: Where do we clear Customs?
B: You will pick your bags up first.
A: Should we have our passports out?
B: You should have your passport out and your Declarations form totally filled out before you get into line.
A: My friend here is continuing on to Puerto Rico, and we were wondering if she has to go through Customs.
B: Travelers who are continuing on to another country will check in over there and be directed where to go next. Their bags have been checked through.
A: Are there any restrooms in this area?
B: Yes, right over there after you pass through the line.

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Talking to a Flight Attendant - Nói chuyện với một tiếp viên hàng không

A: Can I ask you some questions about the in-flight instructions?
B: I would be happy to help you clarify anything you need help with.
A: Could you help me find out where my nearest exit is?
B: There is a card in your seat pocket that shows you where your nearest exit is. Yours is two rows in front of you.
A: Where is my oxygen mask that you were talking about?
B: Your oxygen mask is above you, next to the reading light. It will drop down when you need it.
A: I am concerned about landing in the water.
B: The life jackets are under your seat. You can also use your seat cushion as a flotation device.
A: What is the most important thing we can do to stay safe?
B: The most important thing you can do is keep your seatbelt fastened when the captain asks you to.

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Talking to a Seatmate - Nói chuyện với người bạn

A: That rain is really coming down out there!
B: Yes, it's kind of crazy weather outside.
A: I get kind of nervous flying in this kind of weather.
B: I don't think anyone feels all that comfortable flying in a storm.
A: Do you think it will be this bad the whole trip?
B: On the weather channel, this storm looked to be a big one. It will probably be with us for a while.
A: I worry about too much ice on the wings.
B: I have to believe that our pilot knows what he is doing and we'll be okay.
A: When do you think the pilot will turn off the Fasten Your Seatbelt sign?
B: He'll turn it off as soon as he knows that we are through the turbulence.
A: Do you think that we are going to crash?
B: Maybe. You just never know.

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Ordering Food and Drink - Đặt món ăn và đồ uống

A: I was wondering if I could order something to drink.
B: Yes, we have alcoholic beverages as well as coffee, tea, or soda.
A: How much do drinks cost?
B: Our alcoholic beverages are five dollars each. All others are complimentary.
A: When will our meals be served?
B: We will serve a snack with the beverages. Dinner will be served a few hours into our flight.
A: What are our dinner choices?
B: You will have a choice of chicken, fish, or beef. I will be bringing a menu by shortly.
A: I am a vegetarian and need a vegetarian meal.
B: Vegetarian meals need to be requested at least two days before your flight. I might be able to find you extra servings of vegetables, however.

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Missing Connecting Flight - Mất kết nối chuyến bay

A: My flight just arrived late, and I need to know what to do.
B: That's okay. The airline computer is keeping track of what is happening with you.
A: Do I have to call anyone?
B: By speaking with us at the arrival gate, we can fix the problem for you and direct you.
A: What if there are no more connecting flights for today on this airline?
B: We will go online to see if there is something available with this airline. If we need to, we can check for a flight with another carrier.
A: What if I can't find another flight out of here tonight?
B: We can help you find transportation to a local hotel.
A: Will the airline pay for my room if I have to spend the night at the airport?
B: Since the flight delay was our fault and you are continuing on with our airline, we will cover the cost of a hotel room.

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Ground Transportation - Vận tải đường bộ

A: I just arrived and need help getting transportation to my hotel.
B: There are shuttles, taxis, and buses that go all over the city.
A: Which one is the best form of transportation?
B: It depends on where you want to go. If you are going to a well-known hotel, they have their own shuttles that drop you right off at the door.
A: Where can I catch a cab?
B: All ground transportation leaves from the island as you walk out the arrivals gate.
A: Where can I rent a car?
B: The car rental agencies are against the wall as you exit.
A: Are there any subways in this town?
B: We have a subway system, but you need to take a shuttle to get to the station.

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Beautiful Hawaii - Hawaii Xinh đẹp

A: I went to Hawaii on vacation.
B: Did you like it?
A: I loved it. I want to live there.
B: What did you like?
A: The island is so green, and the water is so blue.
B: Did you go swimming?
A: I went to the beach every day.
B: How was the weather?
A: It was hot and sunny every day.
B: What did you do at night?
A: At night I went out to eat. The food was delicious.
B: People who live in Hawaii are lucky.

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A Free Trip - Một chuyến đi miễn phí

A: My dad went to Washington, D.C.
B: Why did he do that?
A: He was invited, along with about 90 other veterans.
B: Who invited them?
A: Some private organization.
B: Why did they invite him?
A: To thank him and all the other soldiers who served in World War II.
B: That's very nice.
A: My dad got to see the beautiful new World War II Monument.
B: That trip must have cost a lot of money.
A: He said all the money came from private donations.

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Local Customs - Phong tục địa phương

A: This is really a fascinating city!
B: Yes, this city is thousands of years old and has quite a history!
A: I really love this temple we are visiting.
B: As you enter the temple, please remove your shoes as the others are doing.
A: It is so quiet here.
B: Yes, they are showing respect to their gods. People come here to pray and meditate.
A: I noticed that the women all have some sort of head covering.
B: It is a tradition that women cover their heads while in the temple.
A: I noticed that all of the people were eating with their hands at dinner last night.
B: Yes, that is another custom that people practice here.

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Sightseeing - Tham quan

A: Where should we go sightseeing today?
B: I think that some things might be best done in the morning and others in the afternoon.
A: I think that I would like to go to the beach this morning.
B: That would be a good place to start our sightseeing. We could have breakfast there.
A: I hear that there is a very nice natural history museum there.
B: Yes, it would be nice to check that out since we are so close by.
A: Where should we go in the afternoon?
B: I think that I would like to go to the amusement park. It's supposed to be quite good.
A: At the end of the day, I would love to take in the sunset at therestaurant by the park.
B: That sounds like a great idea! Let's go get a map.

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Complaining about a Tour - Khiếu nại về tour du lịch

A: I am having some big problems on this tour.
B: What seems to be the problem? We are here to help you.
A: This tour company seems very disorganized. No one seems to have a clear picture as to where we are going and when we are going to get there.
B: I will see what I can do about that. How about the accommodations on the tour?
A: So far, we have been staying in really out-of-the-way accommodations.
B: Is anything wrong with your room?
A: The television in our room was broken, and they didn't send anyone to fix it.
B: I will complain to the hotel manager about that. How about the hotel restaurant?
A: The food in the restaurant was terrible, and a few people from our group got sick.
B: I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. We would like to offer you a free city tour and lunch to make it up to you.

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Shopping for Souvenirs - Mua sắm quà lưu niệm

A: I want to look at the souvenirs over at the souvenir stand.
B: What do you need to buy?
A: I usually buy myself some jewelry or some clothing.
B: I always buy a lot of things for my family. How about you?
A: Yes, they practically swarm me when I get home!
B: What are some of their favorite gifts?
A: The teenagers like me to bring them tee shirts that you can't get anywhere else.
B: This stuff is pretty expensive, isn't it?
A: Souvenirs cost a lot for what they are, but we can shop around for better prices.
B: Let's go across the street and see what they have over there.

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Losing the Wallet and Passport - Mất ví và hộ chiếu

A: I can't find my purse!
B: What was in your purse?
A: It contained my wallet and passport.
B: How much money was in your wallet?
A: There was about $200 in my wallet, and I had some traveler's checks in there, too.
B: We can call American Express to deal with the traveler's checks. How about credit cards?
A: I had a MasterCard and a Visa Card.
B: We can look at the back of my cards to get the emergency phone numbers.
A: Where do I report that my passport is missing?
B: We need to take a cab to the embassy to report that right away. They will help us.

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Arranging a Tour of the City - Sắp xếp một chuyến tham quan thành phố

A: I was wondering if you could help me book a few tours.
B: You have come to the right place. How many days will you be visiting here?
A: I will be here for a week.
B: Have you ever visited our city before?
A: This is my first time visiting this city.
B: What are you interested in? Do you enjoy museums and buildings, or would you rather hit some outdoor hotspots and venues?
A: I really enjoy visiting museums and art galleries.
B: We have tours for all interests.
A: Do you have a city tour?
B: Yes, in fact, I usually suggest that to visitors.

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Restaurant - Nhà hàng

A: How often do you eat out? Who do you go with?
B: I often eat out on weekends, when I hang out with my friends.
A: What restaurant do you usually visit?
B: Well, there are not many restaurants in my neighborhood, so my best choice is the deli in convenient stores like the Circle K, Mini-Stop, B-smart.
A: What type of food do you enjoy to eat? Western or Asian?
B: I’m interested in Asian food, Western food is not my thing.
A: How much do you usually pay when you eat out?
B: It’s not very expensive, just around $5 for each meal.
A: Do you enjoy spicy food?
B: Yes, I do, especially on cold days.
A: Are the servers there friendly to you?
B: Yes, they are. Most of them are really helpful.
A: Have you ever tried Italian food?
B: Yes, at least once, when I was in my friend’s wedding party.
A: Are you concerned about calories when eating out?
B: Yes, I am. I’m on diet now, so this really matters to me.
A: Are fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald’s famous in your country?
B: Yes, they are. The youth in my country are big fans of fast food.
A: Do you often drink alcohol when eating out?
B: No, not often. Just when I have parties with my friends.

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Have you ever been abroad? - Bạn đã từng đi nước ngoài chưa?

A: How many places have you traveled to?
B: I’ve visited all the provinces throughout my country.
A: Who do you usually go with?
B: I often go with my family, sometimes with my best friends.
A: What’s your favorite tourist attraction?
B: That would be Venice city in Italy. I love riding the gondola along the canals while watching Italian people live their daily lives.
A: Have you ever been abroad?
B: Yes, I have. I came to Italy last year for a business trip.
A: What language do you use when traveling?
B: English, but sometimes I have to use body language since not all people are good at English.
A: What do you usually do during your trip?
B: I often go sightseeing, take pictures, mingle with the local people and sample the local cuisine.
A: What do you do to prepare for your trip?
B: Before the trip, I search for information about the location, weather, famous tourist attractions, transportation, local cuisine and prices on the internet.
A: What do you usually bring when you travel?
B: I usually pack my suitcase with some necessary items such as clothes, medicine, food, a map, and a camera.
A: Do you prefer traveling by car, train or plane?
B: I prefer planes although it can be a little expensive. Planes are much faster than any other mode of transport.
A: Do you prefer traveling alone or joining a guided tour?
B: I love backpacking with my friends who share the same interests as me.

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