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Dropping Off at the Airport - Hạ cách tại sân bay ↓↑

A: Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow afternoon?
B: I would be happy to drive you to the airport. When do you need to leave?
A: For an international flight, the airline wants us to check in two hours in advance, so I need to leave my house at 2:00.
B: Do you have a lot of luggage to check in?
A: I am only carrying one large bag and a carry-on.
B: I'll bring our smaller car then. Do you know where you need to get dropped off?
A: Yes, I am flying out on Singapore Air to Sydney, so I need to be at the International Terminal.
B: Will I be able to come in with you to say goodbye?
A: Actually, with airport regulations being so strict, you should probably just drop me off at the curb.
B: That will work out fine. Just give me a call if anything changes.

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