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A: How often do you eat out? Who do you go with?
B: I often eat out on weekends, when I hang out with my friends.
A: What restaurant do you usually visit?
B: Well, there are not many restaurants in my neighborhood, so my best choice is the deli in convenient stores like the Circle K, Mini-Stop, B-smart.
A: What type of food do you enjoy to eat? Western or Asian?
B: I’m interested in Asian food, Western food is not my thing.
A: How much do you usually pay when you eat out?
B: It’s not very expensive, just around $5 for each meal.
A: Do you enjoy spicy food?
B: Yes, I do, especially on cold days.
A: Are the servers there friendly to you?
B: Yes, they are. Most of them are really helpful.
A: Have you ever tried Italian food?
B: Yes, at least once, when I was in my friend’s wedding party.
A: Are you concerned about calories when eating out?
B: Yes, I am. I’m on diet now, so this really matters to me.
A: Are fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald’s famous in your country?
B: Yes, they are. The youth in my country are big fans of fast food.
A: Do you often drink alcohol when eating out?
B: No, not often. Just when I have parties with my friends.

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