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II. Hướng dẫn Ordering Food and Drink - Đặt món ăn và đồ uống

A: I was wondering if I could order something to drink.
B: Yes, we have alcoholic beverages as well as coffee, tea, or soda.
A: How much do drinks cost?
B: Our alcoholic beverages are five dollars each. All others are complimentary.
A: When will our meals be served?
B: We will serve a snack with the beverages. Dinner will be served a few hours into our flight.
A: What are our dinner choices?
B: You will have a choice of chicken, fish, or beef. I will be bringing a menu by shortly.
A: I am a vegetarian and need a vegetarian meal.
B: Vegetarian meals need to be requested at least two days before your flight. I might be able to find you extra servings of vegetables, however.

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