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II. Hướng dẫn Have you ever been abroad? - Bạn đã từng đi nước ngoài chưa?

A: How many places have you traveled to?
B: I’ve visited all the provinces throughout my country.
A: Who do you usually go with?
B: I often go with my family, sometimes with my best friends.
A: What’s your favorite tourist attraction?
B: That would be Venice city in Italy. I love riding the gondola along the canals while watching Italian people live their daily lives.
A: Have you ever been abroad?
B: Yes, I have. I came to Italy last year for a business trip.
A: What language do you use when traveling?
B: English, but sometimes I have to use body language since not all people are good at English.
A: What do you usually do during your trip?
B: I often go sightseeing, take pictures, mingle with the local people and sample the local cuisine.
A: What do you do to prepare for your trip?
B: Before the trip, I search for information about the location, weather, famous tourist attractions, transportation, local cuisine and prices on the internet.
A: What do you usually bring when you travel?
B: I usually pack my suitcase with some necessary items such as clothes, medicine, food, a map, and a camera.
A: Do you prefer traveling by car, train or plane?
B: I prefer planes although it can be a little expensive. Planes are much faster than any other mode of transport.
A: Do you prefer traveling alone or joining a guided tour?
B: I love backpacking with my friends who share the same interests as me.

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