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II. Hướng dẫn Going through the Customs - Đi qua hải quan

A: Could you tell me how to get my bags?
B: Just go straight ahead, down the escalator, and there will be signs directing you.
A: Where do we clear Customs?
B: You will pick your bags up first.
A: Should we have our passports out?
B: You should have your passport out and your Declarations form totally filled out before you get into line.
A: My friend here is continuing on to Puerto Rico, and we were wondering if she has to go through Customs.
B: Travelers who are continuing on to another country will check in over there and be directed where to go next. Their bags have been checked through.
A: Are there any restrooms in this area?
B: Yes, right over there after you pass through the line.

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