I. Tiếng Anh » Review 3

II. Hướng dẫn Review 3

  1. Listen and tick.
  2. Listen and number.
  3. Listen and write one word in the blank.
  4. Read and complete.
  5. Write about you.

Ex: Read and complete:

My name is Tony. I often read science books and do sports in the gym. I want to be strong and good at science because I would like to be a pilot. I want to fly planes. My friends Mai and Linda like different things. Mai often reads books. She would like to be a writer because she would like to write stories for children. Linda often draws pictures in her free time. She would like to be an architect because she would like to design buildings. 

III. Kết quả học tập

IV. Thảo luận, nhận xét, gói ý Đăng nhập để bình luận

V. Các bài học khác cùng chủ đề Tiếng Anh