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I had measles when I was 18 - Tôi bị sởi khi tôi 18 tuổi. ↓↑

A: What health problem did you have?
B: I had measles when I was 18.
A: How did you have that health problem?
B: I thought I catch measles from someone when they cough or sneeze.
A: Was that serious?
B: Not really, but it was unpleasant. I recovered after 10 days staying at home.
A: What were some symptoms of that health problem?
B: I had a cold and fever with a cough, a runny nose. The small grayish-white spots appeared on my body, too.
A: Did you take any medical treatment?
B: No, I didn’t. The situation wasn’t serious enough to be sent to the hospital then.
A: How could you recover from it?
B: Well, let me see, I drank a lot of water, avoided the direct light, and I had to stay off school for 10 days.
A: What difficulties did you face because of that problem?
B: I couldn’t go out for a few days, which was boring. I’m not allowed to play outside and I felt so bad about it.
A: What do people do to prevent that health problem?
B: By having measles vaccine.
A: Is that health problem common in your country?
B: Not really, due to the effectiveness of vaccination.

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